Michael Jackson-We've Had Enough

"We've Had Enough" Is a protest song(written in 1999 and finished in 2004) against the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. On the basis of capital interests(oil). Michael gives a picturesque view on many innocent civilians dieing. needlessly over an imperial war supposedly for peace. If you listen closely, you can almost depict a "Billie Jean" song structure.

I first thought it was a prayer chant. Innocently questioning and imploring Almighty God to end the suffering all around us. Until I read the lyrics and listened more closely to the words. Now I know it's a protest against America's unruly path toward imperialism.

"We've Had Enough" is One of four previously unreleased material(which never made the "Invincible" album). Originally meant for the now defunct "Resurrection" album which was abandoned in order to clear his name of false accusations of child molestation. "One More Chance" was supposed to be a debut for the album. Which is now being reworked for an unknown release under an unknown title(hopefully sometime in 2009).

Originally the song was meant for a protest on the Korean war spearheaded by Bill Clinton. Come to think about it, Michael envisioned North and South Korea to someday unite as one nation free from communism(as he made clear during "MJ and Friends" in 1999).

Listen below and tell me what you think...

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