Thursday, February 07, 2008

Michael Jackson Skin Disease

 Today I want to show you a documentary on the truth behind why Michael Jackson has gone white. He couldn't have bleached his skin because eventually it would wear off. Worse, he would be a walking skeleton with muscles before he could sing "I'm Bad"! So what's behind all this getting lighter with each new album?

 He has Vitiligo. A disease which discolors blotches of your skin. Many folks either discolor the rest or wear make up to even out their complexion. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson had to do both. At the beginning, he wore make-up which gave him that famous dark mulatto cinnamon Thriller look. Without it, I doubt that Dance Pop horror flick would of had the success it enjoys now.

 As the much anticipated release of Bad hit the stores in 87, the condition only grew worse. This time medication was the only saving grace. Which worked to further even out his complexion. Sadly, this would mean he would appear light-skin mulatto for "Bad" and eventually totally white for Dangerous up to the present hour.

 Did you know that sparkling glove and bike wrenching wrist-vest was meant as a cover-up?  Now we can't forget about those three band-aids. The pinky, ring, and index bandages so famously worn on his right hand. All became famous trademarks of the King of Pop(guess it's the price of fame).

 He changed hair styles partly because of that famous(or should I say infamous) Pepsi commercial. But mainly to conform to his new album image. Yet after so many slanderous tabloid papers, Michael had to finally take it out of the closet.. So in 1993, he found the perfect medium to get the truth out there. Opera Winfrey.

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