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 My name's R.J. Your cyber host. Allow me to introduce you to my blog on non other then Michael Jackson!

 What you'll find here is basically your average Joe's commentary on everything this man child ever did-From 1966 to 2009!

Let me tell you something. This man has got a knack for music and dance unlike anything I've ever witnessed! Truly, he tapped right into the psyche and drew inspiration right from his imagination(quite unlike the rubbish you hear today). He brings sounds from all over the world and inserts them right under the microscope. Michael Jackson truly is a one-of-a-kind genius. Right behind The Beatles!

I want to thank-you for visiting my blog and hope you get something out of it.

Michael Jackson's Father Passes Away at 89!

 On June 27th, 2018 Michael Jackson's dad passed on from a bout of cancer. Although he was very rough with his children and yes abused t...