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Michael Jackson Hologram

One month ago some fans were flabbergasted by Billboard's attempt to resurrect The King of Pop-even accusing The Estate of hiring an impersonator to fill in the blanks on his dance moves. Although I felt the performance was otherwise spectacular, I believe there's some merit to the madness.

 First of, his dance moves seem a bit clumsy and slow. Secondly, if you look real close, his mouth moves sloppily. Almost as if their motion-picture(CGI) wasn't synced properly. Thirdly(though I don't think this could be helped), Michael did not seem to connect with his audience as he normally does.

 Personally, the original version would have done much better on the show. Either that or the original Xscape. Anyhow this dilemma is nowhere near the noise of the Casio fiasko! In honor of the 5th anniversary to Jackson's death, I implore you to keep Michaeling!


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