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Michael Jackson Free

"Free" is a soothing Romantic Ballad mixed by Bill Bottrell under the diction of Mr. Jackson. It is obviously a work in progress with Michael laughing towards the end with Rodney on keys(not Rodney Jerkins since he was still in high school then).

 I don't think this would have made the cut. Yet a B-side was certainly not out of the realm of possibility. I feel that somehow the lyrics got recycled for "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".

Anyways, here's what Matt Forge has to say about this track...

 "There were times when going back and listening to this stuff was really an emotional experience for me. That was especially the case when I started working on the song, 'Free.' When you listen to this song you hear Michael's spirit and joy. It's raw, it's loose, it's him in his element, doing what he loved to do. The first time I listened to it I broke down. This is what it was like every day."

Lyrics to Free
You're the one t…

Michael Jackson's Abortion Papers

As we all know, Mr Jackson has been the center of controversy more times then not. For even in death a fire has been ignited regarding his vocals and post-humorous production of Michael. It comes as no surprise that Michael's latest project Bad25 has opened-up a whole new can of worms-And it all has to do with abortion papers!

 Although the track might seem a little harsh and judgmental to some, just remember it's only a rough draft. As Michael quipped...

“I have to do it in a way so I don’t offend girls who have gotten abortions or bring back guilt trips so it has to be done carefully… I have to really think about it.“

 In other words, Jackson would have worded it differently had he given it another shot. Personally, I believe the tune would morph into a less direct and more contemplative masterpiece as I don't think a song is a place to get preachy!

 Although Michael was a very religious man, I believe his platonic love for children was another valid reason for his stan…