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I'm So Blue

"I'm So Blue" is a smooth funky Balled ever so slightly reminiscent of "La La(Means I Love You)". Only with an 80's glare and a Steve Wonder-sque harmonica. Although obviously unfinished, this slow Balled is crisp and fairly raw. However both Bill Bottrel and Bruce Swedein swore they never heard the track. So that leaves either Q or someone else in the mix of possible co-producers.

 This is not my favorite outtake, but I do enjoy the slow groove and especially those powerful vocals at songs end.

There we are as cold as ice
Asking me to love you
And often be your friend
There you are, I walk alone
Telling me to love you
And often we all did

She told me, she'd forgiving me
A lifetime, love forever true
But she left me for another man
And I'm singing to keep from feelin' blue

All I know is
Tschada dada dada daa (oh no)
Tschada dada dada daa
Tschada dada dada daa
Come on set me free (set me free)

Here I am, so all alone
And I am so sad and lo…