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Bad's 25th Anniversary Makeover!

The Michael Jackson Estate in corroboration with Sony and Pepsi-co will embark on a mission to both promote and release The 25th Anniversary edition to Bad! The deal includes 16 oz. Pepsi cans and free downloads of remixes from the album.

 But most importantly, Bad 25 will come as a 3-CD box set. Which will have all the songs you've come to love plus an album full of unreleased gems, a few remixes, and a full live audio CD! In addition, a DVD containing the full unedited 1988 Wembsley Stadium concert will also be included in the package! Two booklets with never-before seen photos of Mr. Jackson in his studio in Havenhurst will come with the territory!

 It appears that Sony is attempting to redeem itself(which is a good thing) from their questionable attempt at giving us Michael. An album riddles with controversy from it's beginning. So far I've heard this anniversary edition will focus more on outtakes but will still contain a couple of reinterpretations by the trio Skri…

Don't Be Messin' Round

As part of the effort to advertise Bad 25(in stores on September 18th), Sony has just released a reissue of I Just Can't Stop Loving You with a special treat for a b-side! Which is just a taste of what will be commencing this Autumn. A three-album box set with a live concert DVD(more on that tomorrow). For now, let me give you a glimps into the making of "Don't Be Messin' Round".

 Originally slated to appear on "Thriller", this gem could not find a suitable home to dwell in. Despite getting worked on within each corresponding session. The demo is a mix from none other then 1987.

 With a funky tang and a mid-tempo flare reminiscent of Motown's "Dancing In The Street", Michael sure has an active imagination! Just by him dictating, you can sense him layering medley after medley and even popping a few guitar licks into the mix!

 This tract was intentionally left unfinished for you get inside Michael Jackson's head and feel the rhythm an…