Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review on MJ's Immortal Album

 Upon hearing of a Michael Jackson version of Cirque Du Soleil, I was exited to hear a remix album accompanying the blitz! After all, The Beatles Love album rocked! It was an excellent commentary into the Fab 4's creative juice! I wondered what what was in store for The Gloved One!

 But after listening to Immortal Megamix(edit), I was initially disappointed. I thought "Can You Feel It" could've been done better. Plus the other two mashed tunes just didn't budge(with the exception of "Black or White"). I thought the album was gonna be a big let-down!

 However, that all changed when I delved into the whole album! Although there were still a few areas that should've been mixed and mashed a more efficiently(especially the intro), I am fairly impressed by what I heard coming out of this soundtrack by Kevin Antunes. The deluxe edition will definitely bring you a unique experience into MJ's career!

 My favorite parts are Remember The Time with the ticking of the clocks, the electrifying Heartbreak Hotel, The miming Segment of Another part of me with little hinds of "Stranger in Moscow" and possibly even "Hollywood Tonight",, and Is It Scary/Somebody's Watchin' Me/Threatened which flows right into Thriller! There are also other bits and pieces which I like. For instance, listening to Michael's input as he crafted his art.

 But there were still some unnecessary bells and whistles, sound-effects that just didn't seem to fit in. I believe melody should of been a little higher on the priority list.

 Yet that's just me. I'm sure you'll probably enjoy it for what it's worth. But trust me, "Immortal Megamix" will not give you the whole picture. As they say, "don't judge a book by it's cover". Or in this case, it's sample..
Grab your copy today.

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