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Review on MJ's Immortal Album

Upon hearing of a Michael Jackson version of Cirque Du Soleil, I was exited to hear a remix album accompanying the blitz! After all, The Beatles Love album rocked! It was an excellent commentary into the Fab 4's creative juice! I wondered what what was in store for The Gloved One!

 But after listening to Immortal Megamix(edit), I was initially disappointed. I thought "Can You Feel It" could've been done better. Plus the other two mashed tunes just didn't budge(with the exception of "Black or White"). I thought the album was gonna be a big let-down!

However, that all changed when I delved into the whole album! Although there were still a few areas that should've been mixed and mashed a more efficiently(especially the intro), I am fairly impressed by what I heard coming out of this soundtrack by Kevin Antunes. The deluxe edition will definitely bring you a unique experience into MJ's career!

 My favorite parts are Remember The Time with the tick…