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Dr. Freeze On Michael Jackson

New Jack Swing apprentice Elliot Straite a.k.a. Dr. Freeze has recently dropped by and conducted an interview with MJFrance founder Quagmire about working with his idol Michael Jackson. They spent a good deal on the phone talking about everything from being called to drafting a few tracks-even goofin' around together. And before I let the dialog take over, here are a few tidbits about Mr. Freeze.

 During the Invincible Sessions, he helped string together Break of Dawn. Blue Gangsta, and A Place With No Name were album outtakes recorded around the same time. But I'll save the rest for the interview.

take it away guys...

An Interview With Dr. FreezeQuagmire: I'm eager to hear how you began working with Michael Jackson and how he contacted you.

Dr. Freeze: I knew his manager, John McClain, and I was working on an album with my partners, Spydermann. After completing the album, it did not go as planned and we had to cancel the project. I was very upset. And then John McClain sa…