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U.K. Single

It has just been confirmed by Sony that Hollywood Tonight will premier as a single. But only in the U.K. The launch is scheduled for early March(though things could change).

 Teddy Riley and perhaps a few others may lay a couple of remixes for the track. But nothing is set in stone yet.

 I don't believe this albums deserves more promotion. Yet all personal feelings aside, we'll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned for further updates!

Blue Gangsta

Just two months ago, another gem has surfaced across the WWW. Coming from the Invincible Sessions is "Blue Gangsta". Co-written by Elliot Straite(aka Dr. Freeze) and completed(barely) around 1999-2001. He also co-authored two other outtakes(with Michael) from those sessions. Namely "A Place With No Name" and "Break of Dawn.

 In 2006 Pras and Temperamental both got a hold of the track and renamed it "Gangsta(No Friend of Mine). Featuring raping segments of their own.

 But now for the very first time we're treated with a Rapless sole by non other then the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson! Enjoy!!!

LyricsWhat you're gonna do
You ain't no friend of mine
Look what you've put me through
Now that I'm the blue gangsta

What you're gonna do
You ain't no friend of mine
The blue gangsta

What you're gonna do, cause I'm gonna get you
No way to run no way to hide
All the things you've said, everything you've done to me

Do You Know Where Your Children Are

Just two months ago an unknown source leaked a full ruff copy to "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" A track by non other then Michael Jackson stashed away in his vault until now. It was most likely recorded during the Dangerous Sessions(particularly 1990) before he opted for a style more akin to Teddy Riley.

 Just recently, the song was a contender for the post-humorous compilation Michael. With extra guitar licks by Steve Lukather. But unfortunately the track never made the cut.

 The track is about a runaway who is desperately trying to find herself through sex, drugs, even Hollywood. But finds out the hard way that her parents only mean well. Hense the step-fathers rhetorical remark..."Do You Know Where Your Children Are"? Perhaps his way of passing the buck onto her mother. Check it out below...

Father comes home from work and he's scared today
Mother cries out again, it's no charade
Father runs to the table, he says what's goin…

Much Too Soon

Michael's compilation ends on a Soulful Country note filled with the sounds of accordions, harmonica's, and despairing reflection. Most likely an outtake from the Off The Wall sessions.

 Other then perhaps a few unneeded instrumental overdubs added in here or there, I have nothing but praise for this track. Though again the Estate should've saved this gem for perhaps "Off The Wall 30".

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

Click below to purchase your digital copy of "Much Too Soon"!

LyricsShe is their just sitting at the table
Thinking out that things won't be the same
And wouldn't you like to go with me
An she answered no to me
But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

I never thought she'd leave me here forever
But who knows just what the future brings
And wouldn't you like to go with me
An she answered no to me
But I guess I learned my lesson much too soon

Take away this never ending sorrow
Take this lonely feeling f…

Michael Jackson Behind The Mask

"Behind The Mask" was originally a semi-instrumental released in 1979. With vocoder lyrics by Chris Boswell-sung by Sakamoto which you can listen to over Here.

 During the Thriller Sessions, Quincey brought this to Mr. Jackson's attention who instantaneously fell in love with it. Adding a whole new arrangement and a storyline to the track. He soon came under fire for alleged copyright infringement. Thus, it was stocked away within his archived until today.

 As great as this song is, I don't think it belongs on an album marketed as his very last efforts. I think "Behind The Mask should've waited until perhaps a special edition to Thriller.

 That aside, I am madly in love with this gem! Everything from the beatbox to the melody-you can just feel Michael Jackson insert his own signature into this rendition!

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

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I Can't Make It Another Day

Now this is a post-humorous tribute. Both written and composed by Lenny Kravitz, They both pitched in to produce this goldmine! While Dave Grohl from Nirvana played on drums.

 In 1999 both Lenny and Michael got together and collaborated on this track. But it was left off of Invincible and given to Kravitz for his album "Baptism"(renaming it "The Storm"). However, 2009 would see them back together further working on that demo(which you can listen to Here). But due to his tragic death, he never got to release it upon the latest project on what would of been his latest studio album.

 Other then a fuzzy drumline I am in love with this track all the way! Truly Michael Jackson bursting with passion.

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

LyricsMy life
has taken me beyond the planets and the stars.
And your the only one that can take me this far.
I'll be forever searching for your love.

(Michael + Lenny)
I'll admit when I was wrong
I can'…

Michael Jackson Breaking News

And here is some more controversy-"Breaking News". Allegedly recorded with James Porte over at the Casio families compound in the Summer of 2007. Many amongst his family and fans strongly believe his vocals to be fake(and might I add the whole track as well). Even Teddy Riley once commented the track to be spurious(though he later retracted on that claim). Though Sony claims we're hearing the real deal, that's pretty hard to stomach. Knowing MJ to be a prolific perfectionist-always aspiring to do better!

 Now the question remains. Why did Michael Jackson leave the Casio's? Could it have anything to do with that Prince over at the Arab United Empirates?

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

Best of Joy

In 2009 just prier to announcing the o2 Concerts, Michael, Theron Feemster, and Brad Buxer finished recording this gem which no doubt would've at least been a good candidate for his latest album.

 This is just one of many reasons why I like Michael Jackson! You see, he's not afraid to venture into the unknown. Watering down the border between masculine and feminine attributes! It's been done before but clearly he took it(with Prince) unto the next level!

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

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LyricsI am your joy
Your best of joy
I am the moonlight
You are the spring
Our lives a sacred thing
You'll know I always will love you

I am forever
I am the one who came when you fell down
I was the only one around
When things would hurt you

I am forever
Wasn't it I who said that you are free
When it seemed so hard to be
And things would hurt you

I am forever(I am forever)
We are foreve…

Michael Jackson-Monster

I am not at all impressed by this half-baked clump of lard! I mean what was Sony and the Estate thinking in releasing unfinished material! For an artist of this magnitude, this is utterly disappointing. I don't think there's ever been a situation quite like this(speaking of post-humerus releases). I mean, I have nothing but praise for the other tracks. But like most fans, the Casio's are an eye-sore(nothing personal, just don't like what they've done).

 Dare I mention his name. This sounds very much like Jason Malachi's vocals have been cleverly mashed together with MJ's single rough scratch. Coupled with a few old ad-libs thrown in here or there.

 Being the perfectionist Michael Jackson really is, I sincerely believe Mr. Jackson would be in tears if he'd saw what was released in his name. I never knew it would go this far...

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

LyricsYou can look at them coming out the walls
You can look at them climbing…

I Like The Way That You Love Me

I have nothing but praise for Ron Neffu Feemster on this one! Yes it's a track we fans have already heard from collections past(found Here). But unlike those others, you can clearly feel the melody permeated throughout the song. Only with a modern twist. Only here is auto-tone fully justified!

 If given the choice between the two, I would clearly vouch for both of em'! What is your favorite version? Do you prefer the original or Feemster's post-mortem twist?

[From his post-humorous album "Michael"]

Michael Jackson - (I Like) The Way You Love Me (2010)