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An Interview With Rodney Jerkins

On top of two new studio albums(one Instrumental and the other a pop album), another producer has revealed yet more priceless gems from his vault. Which I'm assuming are Michael Jackson Outtakes from the Invincible Album.

 Producer Rodney Jerkins sat down the other day to do an E-News interview on working with The King of Pop. Detailing intimate moments from the first time they met(1999). and last but not least, those Invincible cuts in which he claims are better them the 16 released tracks(not merely from The Ultimate Collection). But if any outtakes see the like of day(not if but when), it won't be until that new Michael Jackson album launches! Watch the interview below...

Did Michael Jackson Feature On "No Friend of Mine"?

After getting Malichied a few dozen times, many fans were so sure that was Michael collaborating with Tempermental. The track in question was "No Friend of Mine"-Formally known simply as "Gangsta".

 But upon further investigation, we find Mr. Jackson neither recorded or released such a song. Rather, Temperamental borrowed an unknown vocal session from the King of Pop's archives. And besides, Michael Jackson would never fully resort to Rap as a comeback feat. One segment is all he would allow.

 So does "Gangsta" feature "The Gloved One"? A resounding "No" will have to do. However, those vocals are real and may be from The Invincible Sessions.

Michael Jackson Instrumentals

When the word Michael Jackson comes to mind, a variety of stereotypical images play come to mind. Thriller, Bubbles, The Moonwalk, even an eccentric man-child. But tell one thing that doesn't ring a bell and I would answer back "Classical Music"!

 Now in all honesty, he did compose a moving An Ode To Free Willy and even a heart-wrenching tune about a neglected little girl in Little Susie. But who would have thought the King of Pop would settle for soothing soundscapes in Pop retirement? Who knows, this may have been it or at least one of his last Pop studio albums.

 Had Michael not died, he would've continued with the project throughout the duration of this new chapter and then released the composition well after his new album release! But as it appears now, I'm afraid the work is incomplete in production hell(but not permanently).

 David Michael Frank was the last to collaborate with Mr. Jackson. A month before his tragic passing. Already, tunes within the pop s…

Michael Jackson's Missing Link?

It looks highly unlikely. However according to Joe Jackson, he claims Omer Bhatti is the missing link. Judge for yourselves...

Here's My Assessment
 Since Michael has not lost his virginity until he got married to Elvis Presley's daughter, there's no way he could be Michael's son(unless artificial insemination is considered).

 Through the 90's, Omer and Michael were this close and did a lot of things together as friends. He idolized Michael so much that he dressed and imitated the King of Pop. But those claims arn't good enough as you need to look at the whole Jackson ancestry picture(not to mention mingling Omer's family genes in there). Plus, we'll need to venture back to Michael's Off The Wall Era(before he broke his nose on the set of The Wiz) to make an accurate assessment of Michael Jackson's features.

Since Omer and even Michael himself denied the rumors, I'll just leave it at that.