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Jackson 5 "Jamie"

A cover to Eddie Holland's gem from 1962(listen to it Here). The Jackson 5 mingle a little bit of Funk and Spice into the bowl of this diner classic! Both versions hit the spot in their own times.

J5 "Just A Little Misunderstanding"

A Jackson 5 cover of The Contours "Just A Little Misunderstanding". I realize you can't have to many covers on an album. Yet this is priceless! They've should've done what "Terry Lewis and The News" did in 1993. Release an album of all previously covered songs. Now that I bet would sell(listen to the original Contours Version)!

Just A Little Misunderstanding - Jackson 5

It's a cold boy
To hurt his girl
And watch her walk away cryin'
When all along
He knows he's wrong
To be so hard on a girl that's tryin'
I was so unkind to hurt you so
Goin' out of my mind
I just gotta let you know, yeah

Baby, I can't let you go
I realize I hurt you so
Our love surely can be mended
It's just a little misunderstanding

I remember you said
You will always care
Until death should we do part
Then it surely must be
My destiny
To die the death of a broken heart
So before I become a wonderin' rover
Let's get together
And talk things over

Baby, I can't …