Sunday, July 22, 2007


 An outtake from perhaps Maybe Tomorrow. Lulu is one of 19 rarities found on the Soulsation compilation. I'm not to sure if their referring to Charlie Brown's girlfriend or what. I believe Michael Jackson did a similar outtake during the Dangerous Sessions.


You know I've got this big problem, yeah
This girl, she's blowing my mind!
yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Lulu Lulu
Mavis Tucker says I'm a fool for you
Oh Lulu, you know it's true
Though I touch you I don't get close to you.
Your love is like a cloud high on a windy day,
It floats into your mind and then it blows away.
First I'm in your eyes, then like the skies you change,
Why do you?

Lulu, my little Lulu Lu
Keep me guessing you keep me so confused,
Oh, Lulu, girl you got me mixed up from my heart to my shoes

What do I have to be to get to your lips
A boy who loves you truly or a licorice stick?
Could it be your love is something that I've got to earn
Though I get good grades in school
I've got a lot to learn about you

Lulu Lulu, sweet as berry Cherie beaucoup
Oh Lulu, Lulu, do you understand? do you parlez vous?

I've done everything that I know how to do,
And I've said everything that I can to you
Come on now

Lulu, ooh ooh, don't play so hard to get,
Somehow I'll get you yet
You are so divine
I want you to be mine
You smile and light the world
You've got to be my girl

Oh Lulu, Lulu,
Keep me guessing you keep me so confused
What do I have to be to get to your lips
A boy who loves you truly or a licorice stick?
Oh, Lulu, oh, Lulu Lu
Sweet as berry Cherie beaucoup

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You Can't Win

Charlie Smalls wrote a solo for Michael Jackson to fill in a scene of The Wiz

 Formally known as "Can't Get Out of The Game". This is one of four songs Michael Jackson recorded for the funky remake of The Broadway Musical-The Wiz. People were just starting to notice Michael's talent and yearned for him to return back to releasing solo records.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ease On Down The Road

The Single Ease On Down The Road spent 5 nonconsecutive weeks at #1 on the Disco Charts

 "Ease On Down The Road" is a duet between Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. All part of the soundtrack to the movie adaptation of The Wiz. A Broadway Musical from 1976 written by Charlie Smalls-In turn a take from the 1939 firm The Wizard of Oz.

- Michael Jackson Lyrics

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