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Style of Life

The Jacksons Album comes to a close on a mediocre note with "Style of Life". Apparently, The Jacksons weren't getting their desired creative control. So eventually, Joseph took them to Epic Records(where Michael would remain the rest of his life).

Yeah, yeah, ye-ha, yeah
My love

(Verse 1)
Here I am reaching out for ya,
But there's nothing to reach for.
'Cause my mind don't believe what my eyes have seen,
The blames you gave.
You know (You know),
and I know nobody wants you with your, wishy-washy ways.
Your mama raised you from a child,
Spent no time worth while
And I feel, you really come to nothing no

You've got to change, your style of life.
You've got to change, your style of life.

(Verse 2)
Ooh there you go, saying "I think I love ya,
But it's a matter of time."
I have told ya, and told ya how bad I wish to hold you,
My feelings have doubt in mind.
You know (You know), and I know, that you can do better,
Tomorrow's a brand new day.
I ha…

Music's Takin' Over

The opening sequel to The Jacksons CBS record-Goin' Places. There's a great rhythm to the sound. But towards conclusion, it get's a little stretched and a bit redundant. Maybe there's a radio edit to this? Otherwise, it's great to listen to Michael Jackson's crispy voice.

- Jackson 5 Lyrics

Goin' Places-The Single

An eponymous single off the album Goin' Places. Finally! The Jacksons launch a catchy mid-tempo sing-a-long medley(something the last album desperately lacked). Although video promotion hardly existed, "Goin' Places", "Different Kind of Lady", and "Even Though You Are Gone" each had a promotional clip attached in a special way.

- Jacksons Lyrics