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Michael Jackson's Al Capone

Michael Jackson sure loved to fancy himself as a gangsta. From "Beat It, to "Bad" the Gloved One was on the streets. Weather it be "Moonwalker" to "You Rock My World", he battled the Mafia(with Joe Peshie) and confronted The Godfather. He even experimented with Gangsta Rap for the uptemple smash "2 Bad". "Al Capone" has joined the party!

 As you can easily disern, "Al Capone" eventually evolved into what we know as Smooth Criminal. However, the inspiration actually stemmed in part from a previous outtake "Chicago 1945". Perhaps recorded during the Thriller Sessions.

 As the song progressed in development, so did the storyline. Al Capone was eventually dropped in favor of Annie. Mr. Jackson brought the spirits to this ago-old club to rest by solving an ancient mystery of the murder of this innocent clubber during the roaring 20's. Thus, "Al Capone" became "Smooth Criminal"!

Lyrics to Al …

Price of Fame

Coming from the dusty vaults of the 'Bad' Archives, we have the "Price of Fame". Another uptempo vintage track from Michael Jackson(mixed by Bill Bottrell and engineered by Matt Forger).

 Originally Michael wanted to use this song as a theme for a Pepsi commercial but opted instead for the eponymous track "Bad". Just think if he went along with the former...

"You pay the price of fizz.....
The price of Pepsi-cola

Father never lies
Father never lies"

 Imagine Michael lecturing a young girl on the pains of gulping-down too much Pepsi at once. But then going around yearning for just one more bottle of that soda-pop through interpreted dance(kind of like his split desire over Naomi Campbell for "In The Closet").

 Oh the price of superstardom Michael indeed paid for! He could not go anywhere, Do anything without body-guards or a thinly-veiled disguise. As were all other major stars, Michael Jackson was a prisoner in his own home. You could in…