Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Am The Loser

 Here is a brief snippet to a tune recorded by Michael Jackson around 2008 with Prince Durham and 2 Seas Records. A few titles had been floating around the net as of late. Like "I Am A Loser", or "I Was The Loser". But I think the most likely candidate is "I Am The Loser". Below is just a sketch of the lyrics made out from this snippet. Hopefully we'll get treated with a full leakage. Stay tuned!

"You laughed at me
You make a joke on me
You break my heart,
And then wonder why,
I am the loser,
I am the loser."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Life and Times of Michael Jackson

 What I have in my hands is a collection of articles by The N.Y. Times spanning the career of Michael Jackson! From his grassroots with The Jackson 5 to his most untimely death at age 50.

 Read up on reviews of his then most latest achievements, on what he's up to, and the reactions to his ether-worldly deeds. From the eccentric to the down-right bizarre(in a good way)!

 Discover dreams that never were and triumphs he could look back on with dignity. Discover the media that made him tick. And in the process some who, despite doubts upheld his genius!

 You will also find many other contemporary newsletters discussing issues relevant from that time period. Weather it be racial integration, Sesame Street, or the Twin Towers. Expect to be immersed within the pages of yesteryear!

 I was a little disappointed that they omitted any events prier to 1975. Like when he first emerged with his five brothers with four consecutive #1 hits. Also if your not a real history buff, then the surrounding ads and story may detriment your focus upon The King of Pop!

 Otherwise, I am quite satisfied and have learned a thing or two probing the archives on The Life and Times of Michael Jackson. Click below to purchase your copy today!

Michael Jackson Newspaper-Historic Coverage!

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