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One More Chance Video

As to the whole fiasco on "Breaking News"(among the other Casio tracks), I'm just gonna wait until the fog clears out. Hopefully on December 6th, they'll shed more light upon this controversy with Opera Winfrey.

 On a more positive note Michael Jackson Vision was released on November 22ed-premiering his very last short film he ever did. Based on the eponymously titled single and track "One More Chance"!

 Although the finishing touches were never completed(thanks to those infamous allegations), the video shoots were at least completed and ready for launch! I can only imagine what the film would've been like had everything went as planned. But anyways, here goes my interpretation...

 Amidst the tabloids and the mainstream media commenting on Mr. Jackson destroying his face. He invites a select few to a deserted dining hall complete with a theater.

 Entering through the corridor, their conversations are interrupted with the voice of music. For four min…

I'm Back!

My apologies on being away as I've just received back my computer from the repair shop. Boy! What a mess. Thankfully, my PC is up and running again(just in time for Thanksgiving too) and I promise to keep you updated on MJ happenings this holiday weekend.

 And yes, my utter disgust over "Breaking News"(I'm still hoping it to be just a publicity stunt) and what it means for the upcoming studio album. Anyways, talk to y'all tomorrow...

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving 2010!