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"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'-Two Demo Takes

Right before the heyday of Michael Jackson's career, he was workin' day and night mining precious stones and shaping gold nuggets out of scratched recordings from the Thriller Sessions. One such song(Wanna Be Startin' Somethin') we are privileged to bite into 2 rough demos(no other alternate takes have been leaked as of yet). Let's listen together.

1979 Demo-Startin' Somethin" This take(I believe) was rough drafted around 79'. Which would make this an Off The Wall candidate.

 I love the classic key arrangement. It gives the track a more antique look and feel(which it truly is). I could've sworn there's a higher-quality sound out there(if anyone can find it, give me a shout-out ASAP). But I guess this'll have to do for now. Enjoy!!!

Wanna Be Startin Somethin - Michael Jackson DEMO

Demo Take 2(From This Is It Soundtrack) Although the intro is kind of jumbled-up(it's a rough draft. what'd-a expect), Michael's voice sounds crisper …

She's Out of My Life Acoustic Version

&nbsp:During the Off The Wall sessions, both Quincy and Michael worked on a number of takes to each song(both official and outtake) for the album. Concerning She's Out of My Life, Michael Jackson tried a shot on acrostics. And it is this particular mix of this master we shall draw our attention.

Acoustic Version available on the so-called soundtrack of This Is It. This alternate Soft Rock guitar mix is more mellow. Wheres the the selected take has more of a dramatic Ballad taste. The acoustic guitar gives this song a more casual look and feel.

 Personally, I have no favorites. Both versions deserve an A in my book. In this case, it's a fresh concept on an already unforgettable track!

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The Accuser's Conscience Takes It's Toll!

After splitting the family over manipulating his son(to tell lies), Even Chandler was found dead in a luxurious suit-squandered from the infamous settlement-Sixteen years ago. I would only imagine his conscience gnarling at his very soul.

 But like Judas, instead of seeking reconciliation, his remorse drew him near the gates of death. On one mild November night, he mustered enough guts to cross over-Unbeknowest to what lies ahead. To read the whole story on the ongoing story, Click Here

[Note: By my using of the analogy between Judas Iscariot and Even Chandler. In no way am I making Michael Jackson-The King of Pop equal to nor greater then Jesus Christ-The King of Kings]

Rock With You Remix Take 2

Thinking back, I've just did a review on two remixes of Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough-Rodger's Underground Solution and Master's At Work. I've likewise already critiqued a Remix to "Rock With You". So now we are down to her second mix.

Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit I felt the beat was a bit too clubbish for this slow groove. As it's Michael Jackson's voice we come to adore on this track. Other then that and a relatively off-synced into(found on Frankie's two extended mixes), I was fairly impressed by the keys and in-house mood it sets you in(though I strongly prefer remixes prier to 1990).

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Rock With You Remix Take 1

checking out Rodger's Underground Solution and The Master's At Work Remix to Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough, we are now ready to take on the first remix of Rock With You.

Rock With You Master's At Work Remix Although there is a bit of repetition in the mix, it's kept to a relatively bare minimum. But what really makes this remix specially would have to be the intro. At the beginning, we are greeted with a stripped down crisp acappella vocal. Followed by raw harmonies that'll send a shiver down your spine.

 The rest is fairly good and goes well with the songs theme. Yet the beat was unnecessary yet somewhat bearable to listen to. All in all, these guys did farly great in reinterpreting a timeless classic(minus the beat).

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"Don't Stop" Remix #2

We are now going to review another official remix to Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough. I've already gone through "Rodger's Underground Solution" over Here.

Masters At Work Remix Overview I wasn't too thrilled about this one(but then again, I'm not much for Electro nor Trance). For one, it's too repetitive monotonous. There's really not that much flexibility. This doesn't move me like the other remix.

 Though I did like the guitar riffs at the middle. I'm sure this mix could pass for a nightclub(I've seen much worse). Yet I want to flow with the rhythm and sound. Not jolt in a circular pattern.

 I wish Michael Jackson did his own remixes rather then outsources them to various DJ's. But that's just me.

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Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough Remix

In the early nineties, Michael Jackson allowed a hand-full of DJs to remix a few of his greatest hits. These mixes were all bundled-up in maxi single during The Dangerous Tour. And so we will be looking at each one beginning today.

Rodger's Underground Solution DJ Rodger treats us for an Underground Solution to Don't Stop Til' You Get Enough. A Funkified semi-nostalgic experience! I'd thought someone from the 90's would've blew it. Apparently, I was wrong! Rodger conforms the beat(as best he could) to what was happening around the late 70's. But at the same token, inserted just enough modernity to appease the generation gap! I give him a thumbs up for not reinterpreting an unchangeable classic!

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Michael Jackson-Planet Earth

During The Dangerous Era, Michael Jackson wrote a New York Times Best Seller-"Dancing The Dream"! Within it's contents of poems, a snippet of "Planet Earth" was chosen for The Dangerous Album Booklet.

 An abridged version was considered(with Michael reciting each poem) but was thwarted at the last second. And it was during one of these dry-runs that Sony has preserved for the soundtrack to This Is It! A double-disc set featuring 14 of his greatest-hits with two takes on This Is It(a demo recorded in 1982) on one disc. With three never-before-heard demos which close-off with the spoken-word demo(I know what your thinkin' "Ripoff" And I'd say gazoontight). But let's be content with what we have(as long as Sony doesn't pull it off again "smile").

 I believe this poem right here proves that Michael Jackson hated Darwinism and his whole evolutionary web of lies! We are more then cellulites from a pond of scum. This terrestrial …