Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is It Proves Michael Jackson's Still Got It!

 Contrary to all the naysayers, Michael Jackson was full of vigor and enthusiasm! Ready to take on the world head-strong. Thriller-strong! Infusing the jolt the music industry has lacked for so long.

 This Is It! will blow you off your socks! With plenty of live raw singing accompanied by a top-notch band! You will get a first-person perspective on the creative process that drove Michael to orchestrate this venue. As promised by Randy Phillips, there are all-new sequences to the hits we've come to love. Smooth Criminal even has a little humor added in there.

nbsp;Most of his songs are performed live(no edits nor lip-syncs). The only exception would be Thriller(unless he can still sing exactly like he did in 1982).

 Although I was a bit disappointed on the live performance of Earth Song(no powerful ab libs), I tremendously enjoyed getting a rare glimpse into the mind of Michael Jackson! Yes, his dance moves(at times) seemed less then ideal. But you gotta remember. These are just rehearsals. Besides, there are plenty of outtake footage to decipher come DVD/Blue Ray time! I hope they got footage of him performing the new dance move(and no, it ain't the penguin lol)!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Record "The Fields of Athenry"?

 Well according to Quirky news, yes! After he parted ways with Prince Adullah of Bahrain, Michael Jackson lived in the outskirts of Ireland in 2006. While there, he recorded numerous songs alone and with many artists.

 One of these collaborators(either officially or not) is a village choir from Caherraggin. One morning Michael was working in his private studio when he heard an Irish Choir warming up with "The Fields of Athenry". He was so intrigued by the rich storyline, Mr. Jackson felt compelled to introduce himself and sample the music. He sang along with the choir and sounded amazing!

 Although it was never meant to etched in stone, somebody from the back recorded the session in it's entirety. Just recently, the choir secretary found an orphan tape on the event in perfect quality and ready for release(save for a few tweaks here or there). The members of the choir felt privileged and ecstatic to be in the singers presence.

 Out of shear respect for the recently deceased singer, The Irish Choir has vowed to keep a lid on this rare recording until the promotion of This Is It is all said and done.

 The song was written by Pete St. John in the 70's. About an Irish peasant convicted of stealing during the hungry forties(1840's). When a big potato famine stuck the land hard.

The song has been recorded by numerous artists to this day.


P.S.You may have noticed the Songs Michael Jackson Wrote series is missing. Well, I just found out it was against BMI's TOS to copy their list of songs. So to be safe, I've decided to cancel the mini-series(smile).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This Is It Snippet Leaks!

 A 43 second snippet to Michael Jackson's new song(not sure if it'll be a single as Sony's giving us the run-a-round) This Is It! has leaked onto the internet! It appears to be from the 1980's during the Thriller Era. Though a(currently unleaked) new version does exist and will be unveiled on Columbus Day! Either this snippet is The Orchestra version, Sony is ripping us off by stamping the concert title onto a demo, or there are three known versions to this song(i.e. 1981-This Is It!, New Orchestra Version, and new Pop Ballad).

 In 1980, Michael Jackson exclusively wrote and co-produced(with Paul Anka) This Is It. Originally slatted for The Jacksons Triumph Album. But was cut for unknown reasons. Later, Michael would submit it to Safire in 1991 for her album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday". She changed the title to "I Never Heard".

 Judging by the clip, the lyrics are a bit different from her take. Stay tuned for the new version on Monday-Columbus Day!

This is it
Here I stand
I'm the light of the world
I feel grand

Life is love
I can feel
and I know
yes for sure
it is real

and it feel as though
I've seen your face a thousand times
and you said you really know me
and I know that you were gonna(clip ends)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Autopsy Report Leaked!

 Well, it appears Michael Jackson wasn't the addict many put him out to be. According to the latest autopsy report, Jackson was fit as a fiddle and ready to take the world by storm! This matches the testimony of those closest to the pop-star. You've reiterated Michael's zeal that one final night.

 Now he most certainly had a few ailments(non of which were life-threatening). Chronically Inflamed Lungs-Possibly mistaken for a narrow nasal(Michael's complained of breathing problems throughout his adult life). Slight plaque build-up in his legs(varicose veins). Slight arthritis on lower back and fingers(mostly back trouble).

 They've even found some scars from the Pepsi Incident and from plastic surgery(though nothing hideous as the tabs would have us believe). Many fresh puncture wounds were fond on the singers arms(from that fateful night). Other then Propophol and tree Benzodizapines, no other drugs(legal, illegal, or over-the-counter) were found flowing through his vains. Dr. Conrad Murry mixed Lipozine with the anesthetic and the ambulance shot a stimulant directly into MJ's heart to get it started(in all, that makes 5 substances).

 Whatever these new findings uncover, it proves Dr. Murry's claims are unsubstantiated, misinterpreted, or both. Source

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