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Who Will Usher In The King of Pop?

This is Official! According to Aeg Live, Michael Jackson has just donned Leonard Rowe as his new manager as of March 26th! His job will be to promote Mr. Jackson's mini-tour(London residency). If things turn out great, this may very well go beyond the o2 Arena unto one major metropolis within each continent. All part of a three year contract he has with Randy Phillips-The man behind Aeg.

So Who Exactly Is Leonard Rowe?
He is a legendary concert promoter who worked with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Prince, R. Kelly, and many other classics including The Jackson's "Destiny" and "Triumph" tours. This man has fought on behalf of many celebrities against the discriminatory practices among various record companies(someone he most desperately needed during "Invincible").

Let me just close with a quote from Mr. Jackson himself and an interview by Leonard Rowe.

"I am very pleased that Leonard has accepted my offer to manage my business affairs during this im…

Did Michael Fool Us?

There have been numerous rumors cascading across the internet. Namely the fella you saw make a five minute speech was not Michael Jackson but a convincing lookalike. They point out to us that he seemed taller with a hunched posture and a deeper voice(not to mention running over an hour behind schedule). Yet all these claims can be easily debunked.

First off Michael got stuck in rush-hour traffic somewhere deep within the tunnels of London(that would explain making a late entrance). Second, microphones are notorious in making certain peoples voices seem lower then in person(and I'm one of those fellas too). Common sense tells us wearing any kind of boots would inflate your height(heck girls do it all the time to not feel awkward in front of their boyfriends). Lastly, Mr. Jackson has always been known to hunch while he walks. If you could recall the documentary"Living With Michael Jackson", you'll clearly find instances where he hunches while strutting through the ma…

Michael Jackson New Single

It has come to my attention that Mr. Jackson is set to release his his first single possibly before he takes to the stage. What I mean by "possibly" is that knowing the King of Pop, it could be slightly delayed.

 Now already, some tabloids are speculating he'll drop his album around the same time. With Wil.I.Am and Neyo as guest artists(not to mention Opening up a few gigs). But That never came from Randy's mouth. He only said "There will be a new Michael Jackson single before the first date."(which is July 9th). He added, "Michael has got some new music and he is looking for a new way of disseminating his material to his fans." Ideas include a free copy of his new studio album or a code to download free Michael Jackson music from the internet(only for those who attend).

"He wants to use some technical effects that have never been seen before." One can only imagine how that will turn out. Already Phillips had hinted on introducing a new …

The Willie Has Sold Out The Arena

Already records have been broken and the King of Pop hasn't performed a single move! This week alone, pre-sales have shot to the moon with a record amount of bandwidth eaten according to The U.K.'s "Daily Mail. Partly because of this, Michael Jackson agreed to extend the O2 gigs an extra 40 concerts under two boot legs. The first in the Summer of '09 and the second will spice up the first two months of 2010 with a bang!

 Yet just four hours after opening up, tickets have already been sold out on all venues(Source USA Today)! Never in history has this ever happened! When A.G. Phillips spilled the beans over the phone with Mr. Jackson, he was literally in tears. They both have a four-year contract packed with plenty of goodies(including a new studio album)! If everything goes as planned, at least three more records will be broken!

The largest audience to ever see a performance in history.The largest string of concerts to be performed at the O2 Arena(Surpassing Prince…

Is This Really It?

It has come to my attention that many fans are writing Michael Jackson's speech as a farewell for retirement. Forgetting how poised and confident he appeared. Yes, the words "Final" and "this is it" fell from his lips a couple of dozen times. But you can be assured of one thing. This is the oldest trick in the book to get more sales at the box office! As a matter of fact, Ringo Star pull his own stunt not too long ago(remember the line "No more e-mails"). The next day, his website traffic went through the roof!

During the last show concluding the second leg of the "Bad Tour", Michael emphatically proclaimed there was gonna be no more tours. Yet look what happened. Fans were treated with a Dangerous Album and History Album tour(An Invincible tour was planned but got pulled at the last moment). Heck, Frank Dileo(his most trusted former manager) told the press he was ditching music to pursue Hollywood.

All I'm saying is to not jump down Micha…

Michael Jackson Is Back In Action!

Attention fellow MJ fans! The days of twittling your thumbs, wondering if he'll ever return to the spotlight are over! Just yesterday, AEG(the folks behind the O2 Arena) have just confirmed Michael is set to make an announcement tomorrow(approximately 4 P.M Greenwich Standard Time) on his many plans this Summer(including a 30-concert gig). This meeting will be executed in a conference setting which includes 200 lucky fans on a first come first served bases. But not to worry. There's plenty of room on the outskirts! Mr. Jackson has already landed Tuesday afternoon in anticipation for the event.

Source:Music Gross

Does This Mean The King of Pop Will Reveal His New Album This Summer?
Michael Jackson insists on keeping his album anonymous for now. But with fulminate promulgations like these, it is safe to infer a new studio album will surface real soon. No doubt June or July(name one celebrity who went on tour without releasing new material and I'll change my predictions accor…