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Michael Jackson You Were There

Before his tragic death some months later, Michael Jackson performed a special tribute song for Sammy Davis Jr. "You Were There". During his 60th anniversary concert.

The message as I saw it was, despite the prejudice and discrimination, Sammy kept right on going. Self-determined, never looking back, he strove to be somebody despite his odds. Today he is known as one of the forefathers to breaking traditional barriers between black entertainers and the mainstream industry. May I present to you Michael's dedication to one of his idols.

You were there, before we came.
You took the hurt, you took the shame.
They built the walls to block your way.
You beat them down.
You won the day.
[ Lyrics found at ]
It wasn't right, it wasn't fair.
You taught them all.
You made them care.
Yes, you were there, and thanks to you
There's now a door we all walk through.
And we are here, for all to see --
To be the best that we can be.
Yes, I am here....
Because y…

Michael Jackson Ride with Me

Rodney Jerkins produced an album in the late 90's full of instrumentals geared towards artists to add some lyrics and even alter up a bit. One such example is Bandy Norwood's track "It's Not Worth It" on her 2002 album "Fullmoon".

Well on track number seven of "Versatility", Rodney sampled a vocal from Michael Jackson's archives and inserted a smooth easy-listening piece of Jazz into the mix. Namely "Ride With Me" with a short intro by Rodney. Contrary to what you might of heard, this track was never meant for Michael Jackson's "Invincible" Album. Michael(who owns 50% of Sony ATV) gave her permission to use the track as a returning favor of singing backup for "Unbreakable".

I loved the sound of the Funky guitar and soothing percussion. However the beat in my opinion was a little too fast for the flow. Not to mention a bit synthetic compared to the other sounds on the track. But overall, I'd let it ride…

Michael Jackson Carousel

With a little plastic around the edges, "Carousel" has the sound you would typically find around that time period. With an Adult Contemporary appeal glistening on a Retrospective note. Even though it failed the test, Carousel was made to be more then a fly-by-night track.

The song was originally meant to occupy the spot of Human Nature. But as Temperton further analyzed, "It just wasn't heading in the right direction". "Human Nature" was believed to leave a further mark as the album slowed up a bit after hearing Billie Jean on the dancefloor.

The lyrics were originally written and composed by Michael Sembello(yes the guy behind the Flashdance soundtrack "Maniac"). Formerly submitted as "Circus Girl" Michael would later change it to "Carousel".

Only in 2001 did we get that outtake by one of three bonus tracks for Thriller's expanded package. But the full version didn't get released until October of 2008 via King…

Michael Jackson-Shout

Neatly tucked away as a B-Side to Michael Jackson's Cry single, "Shout" was rejected in favor of 2000 Watts(both with ulterior vocals) from the Invincible sessions. The fella lead-singing the chorus is none other then Rodney Jenkins. Who's been working with "The Gloved One" since the early 90's alongside "New Jack Swing" innovator Teddy Riley and his brother Bottrel.

It's been a tradition for many years. Artists would throw in a slow number or insert an outtake as a filler. Making it a b-side(back-side) to give clients their monies worth. Now let's look into "shout" more closely.

If "Privacy" weren't enough, "Shout" goes to show you Michael still loves his Heavy Medal Rock. Even going as far to tear down the boundaries with Rap. Thereby merging two distinct music genres into one. You could almost even make out the percussion of "Mind Is The Magic" towards the end. The chorus is loosely taken …

Michael Jackson Got the Hots(Full Version)

This Thriller outtake is only available on the Japanese edition of Thriller 25. Quincy, Mike, and Temperton wrote this rare jewel which has been locked up in Jackson's vault until now.

Seemingly whatever he put out to the markets in the 80's was an instant hit("Thriller" thereafter). I can't even imagine how tough it must have been to finalize just 9 songs(pretty more all the candidates would've been hits in their own right including this one). Just think of the agony they went through.



(Chigga, chigga)

You know I can't be away from you, girl
You've got me shaking
I'm in love of all the things you do, girl
My body is aching
Come on, baby, get up and rock, get to the real burn
Without your heart to me, the night
Will let me set you free

Our love will shine at the dawn of a brand new feeling
Just take your time, now you see that the the magic's on its way
Girl, if we try, we can send…

Michael Jackson & Queen

Around "Thriller" and "Victory", Freddie Mercury(the third member of the band "Queen") worked with Michael Jackson. Unfortunately the fruits of their labors never saw the light of day. The reason: both were too busy to bring the finishing touches. Did you know Freddie was this close to being featured on Thriller? You can listen to the short interview Here.

Both recorded 2 songs together with another solely vocalized by Michael. To this day we don't know how their own version of "Victory" went. But we do know of two versions of "There must be more to life then this" with a rare "State of Shock" duet.

Michael Jackson solo

There must be more to life than this
There must be more to life than this
How do we cope in a world without love
Mending all those broken hearts
And tending to those crying faces

There must be more to life than living
A better way for us to survive
Why should it be just a case of black or white
There must be …

Michael Jackson's ET Song

Partly as a consequence of not making the "Thriller" cut, "Someone In The Dark" was considered for the soundtrack of Steven Spielberg's Extra Terrestrial(ET). But unfortunately, this too got dumped from the final selection. However, there are still a few rare singles floating around somewhere.

I can see why it was an outtake. "Thriller" has such an upbeat tracklist with a lot of Funk and Soul. Just to add this in the mix would throw a fly in the ointment. Yes, The Song is just wonderful, but does not go with the Thriller flow. Yet this will always be remembered as Michael's "Thriller medleys .

This is a beautiful balled from Michael's childlike heart. About a friend very much like him. whom society makes a big deal of but doesn't want a part of his personal life. Michael empathizes, promising to fill that void up with a friendship. "The Gloved One" has a keen knack for bringing his audience back to simpler times.

Lyrics | So…

Michael Jackson-On the Line

A missing gem from "The History Sessions. The song was also slated for the soundtrack of the 1997 film "Get on the Bus". But was cut at the last minute.

 Reasons have never been disclosed. However, it's possible to infer he removed it out of his refusal to endorse the LGBT lifestyle. Since he rejected Madonna from taking part in his "In The Closet" music video over similar matters(wanting more of a bi-sexual feel while Michael insisted on keeping it real).

 Now don't get me wrong. Michael did not pull the plug over issues of homophobia. He respects folks of the gender queer community as human beings(As made known on The Bashir Documentary Outtakes and a comment by Jessie James during The Trial). But that doesn't mean he approves of their conduct.

 If only they didn't try to mash gay rights into the mix, the song would've been perfect for the soundtrack. As Jessee James has said, "You will not use our civil rights to spread immorality…

Michael Jackson-We've Had Enough

"We've Had Enough" Is a protest song(written in 1999 and finished in 2004) against the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. On the basis of capital interests(oil). Michael gives a picturesque view on many innocent civilians dieing. needlessly over an imperial war supposedly for peace. If you listen closely, you can almost depict a "Billie Jean" song structure.

I first thought it was a prayer chant. Innocently questioning and imploring Almighty God to end the suffering all around us. Until I read the lyrics and listened more closely to the words. Now I know it's a protest against America's unruly path toward imperialism.

"We've Had Enough" is One of four previously unreleased material(which never made the "Invincible" album). Originally meant for the now defunct "Resurrection" album which was abandoned in order to clear his name of false accusations of child molestation. "One More Chance" was supposed to be …

Mickael Jackson-Can't Get Outta the Rain

Today's outtake sends us back to 1979. Known as his "Off the Wall" era. It failed to make the list of either "Off The Wall" or "Thriller". But it did manage to fill B-sides on two singles for the latter album. Namely "The Girl is Mine" and "Billie Jean".

Personally, I don't think this fits quite well with the direction " Thriller" was heading. Don't get me wrong, I love the song. It's just disco was on it's way down by the early eighties. Dance Pop hits like"Celebration", "Funkytown", and bands like the "Flock of Seagulls" were just some of the many changes that were happening during that time. A new era of Funk and Wave had emerged.

Believe it or not, samples of this are taken from "The Wiz" and was originally entitled "Can't Get Outta The Game". The second portion of "You Can't Win" the Epic version(as a matter of fact, you can almost call…

Michael Jackson-Beautiful Girl

This is only a demo of "beautiful girl" which of course never made the "Invincible Album Sessions. The finished product is yet to be heard(it may never come out). You can only find this demo on the "Ultimate Collection Box Set"(released in 2004).

He could make #1 if this were on a Romance soundtrack! It's so simple in it's junior innocence. You can almost feel a little "Human Nature" jolt within the medley(especially around the climax).

"I'm alone with a beautiful girl
Oh I'm alone with a beautiful girl......."

"It's not like I'm dancing and romancing
In her arms heee.......(low pitched)
It's just a part of me
Can't you see that I'm
I'm in love......."

Beautiful Girl Lyrics and Song

Beautiful Girl

There an instrumental that's just been leaked over the net. It's not in pristine condition but you can listen to it over here(I have a feeling some fan ripped out his main vocals.

Michael Jackson-The Way You Love Me

Yet another precious gem from the Invincible Album session recordings which was cut from the final selection. Thus, becoming another overlooked outtake.

In 2003, Michael Jackson was in the works of another studio album(Resurrection?). As a debut single, "One More Chance" was to accompany a music video(now in production hell). The latter came to a screeching halt due to rising allegations of child molestation.

Last minute arrangements were done to release another *cough* greatest hits compilation *cough*. Along with the single. It reached number one for about a week. Then tragically tumbled off the charts(due to his tarnished image). Michael suffered the lowest sale figures since taking off into the stratosphere with the "Thriller" album. In 2004, he released a greatest hits box set. This time he insisted on filling the gaps with treasured outtakes. Including "The Way You Love Me".

Sure enough, it was a struggle. "The Way You Love Me" and "…

Michael Jackson Love Never Felt So Good

Paul Anka in conjunction with Kathy Wakefield wrote a song called "Love Never Felt So Good". It eventually found a spot on Johnny Mathis's album but originally was meant for Michael Jackson.

 Since it never made the "Thriller" sessions, an unissued demo only materialized. With Johnny Mathis playing piano. But in 1984, he carved his own official take on his album "A Special Part of Me".

 I just love how innocent Michael's voice sounds. How he gave his heart to the words. The chemistry is just wonderful with him and Mathis working together. In late 2006 Michael intentionally leaked this demo online. Possibly to show the world that he was no soulless pediphile.

Love Never Felt So Good Love Never Felt So Good(Demo)-Michael JacksonLyricsBaby love never felt so good
And I always knew it would
Cause when you hold me hold me

Baby love never felt so fine
And I think about the time
Somebody told me
They told me
When you find the one
Who wants your heart

Michael Jackson-Someone Put Your Hand Out

This was featured on a 1992 Pepsi Promo Cassette. After not making it on the "Dangerous" cut. Recently this track was included on the Ultimate Collection Box Set released in 2004.

In my opinion, this song has some personal diary tone to it. Michael, longing for a girl to sweep him of his feet and cure him from the loneliness any superstar must go through. It's a song that brings us back to simpler times. When everything was so fresh and our hearts were unedited(for some odd reason, the resolution reminds me of the end of Yoshi's Story).

Lyrics | Someone Put Your Hand Out lyrics

Michael Jackson If You Don't Love Me

Here is an outtake from the "Dangerous" sessions. Which I believe could have risen like cream to the top! After the decade of The Awesome 80's-When borrowing sounds from the Golden Age of Rockn' Roll was coming to a close, I believe Michael Jackson would have nicely laid the icing on the cake(with finality)!

 "Thriller", "Beat It", and "Billie Jean" were enough to take video to the next level. So Hot Street, Niteline, and Trouble did not need to further convince us-Of course. "Bad" scored a record 5-6 number one hits. Which did not need, Streetwalker, Cheater, nor Fly Away to further spice the album up(Though they could have made it the next best seller). But I firmly believe if Michael decided to have gone more old school and inserted She Got It "If You Don't Love Me" and "Work That Body" into the final track list, Dangerous sell like candy off the shelves(if a robbery of 30,000 albums after listening …

3T Feat. Michael Jackson

There was one History Album outtake that Michael Jackson gave as a present to his three little nephews. Taj, Taryll, and TJ Jackson, sons of his elder brother Tito. Like father like son, he gathered his three boys together and formed a group called 3TAll three names start with a letter T).

As a returning favor. They asked Uncle Michael to feature on a music video with them for the"Brotherhood" album in 1995. The result was outstanding! But it didn't do too well on the charts. Regardless, It's on gem to behold(There's nothing like have uncle Mick pitching in to help)!

Why does Monday, come before Tuesday
Why do summers start in June
Why do winters come too soon
Why do people fall in love
When they're always breaking up, oh why
Why do we love if love will die

Why does Wednesday come after Tuesday
Why do flowers come in May
Why springtime go away
Why do people fall in love
When they're always breaking up, oh why
Why do I love you tell me why

It's not l…

Michael Jackson-Hot Street

Yesterday we discussed Mind is the Magic(Bad outtake). Well, today I want to share another "Thriller" outtake with you. "Hot Street". Co-produced by Quincy Jones with "The Gloved One" himself.

If you listen to the climax closely, it's similar to "Thriller's" "Dah-Na"! It has such an R&B kick. Yet neither Quincy nor Temperton thought it strong enough. Just Like "Thriller" was once named "Starlight", so "Hot Street" was originally named "Slapstick" to begin with. O.K. nuff said. Let's now listen to another gold nugget.

Hot Street (Demo) - Michael Jackson

Lyrics | Hot Street lyrics

Michael Jackson-Mind is the Magic

Michael Jackson recorded this in 1988 as a "Bad" and later as a "Dangerous album" session. Not making either selection, he gave it to Siegfried and Roy as a gift on their efforts of promoting the "Bad Tour". In 1995, these magicians released "Mind Is The Magic" on their soundtrack album-"Dreams & Illusions". Which unfortunately was never released in the U.S.A. nor England.

The magic he's referring to here is not the kind you find from the dark side. But rather of clean entertaining fun. No, the kind of magic that is evil only comes from the occult. Known quite widely as black magic.

Keep in mind it's is just a demo. If it were to make the any final selection, then I'd suppose the intro would be sliced in half much like "Billie Jean" was.

Lyrics | Mind Is The Magic lyrics

Thriller 25

Today marks the official release of a special edition to the "Thriller Album". To mark this memorial event, the 25th anniversary of Thriller will be arriving to a store near you.

But just to be blunt with you, I didn't think Mr. Jackson needed any contemporaries to reinterpret the meaning of these little gold nuggets. If he really wanted a little help, Jeffrey Daniels, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, even Quincy, or Mecca would have been glad to have pitched in. Even they were blown away that night 25 years ago!

Not to worry all original tracks(including Paul McCartney's vocals) are still intact, unadulterated and digitized for your enjoyment. Including an melodic outtake very similar to Human Nature" called "For All Time". Japan will get the alternative "Got the Hots".

Included is a golden DVD containing his most memorial short films. Thriller, Beat It, and Billie Jean are all neatly tucked away on disc two including that fabled show which led eve…

Michael Jackson Thriller Outtake-She's Trouble

The "Musical Youth" are widely known for this song. But did you know it was originally meant for Michael Jackson? Figured you guessed already.

Written by a trio of Terry Britten, Bill Livsey and Sue Shifrin. First offered to the King of Pop for his "Thriller" album. Then Scott Baio for "The Boy's Are Out Tonight". Yet unfortunately, both wound up carving it out at the final selection.

So in 1984, it went to "Musical Youth". Finally finding a spot on their album "Different Styles". Complete with a music video which you can watch over here

And now let's hear it for the man Michael Jackson!

Lyrics | Trouble lyrics

Michael Jackson Niteline

"Niteline" is another pearl in the ocean of obscurity. Initially meant for Thriller. But since it failed the tracklist, Ballard(the composer) gave it to Ellan Foley, The Pointer Sisters, and Randy Crawford on their respective albums. Niteline only managed to make it on Crawford's album. To listen to her take, click here

 I know this should of made the cut. But just think. If Ballard's song made did make it, then there would be no "Man In The Mirror" to sing along to(she was dead determined to make it on his next album)!

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

These two had a ball farting around in the studios. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson working side by side. Together, their genius brought forth "The Man", "Say Say Say", and "The Girl is Mine".

 I don't know the exact details on why Michael bought the rights to ATV(which included Paul McCartney's dessert). Since they had such a great bond going. Then again, rumor has it that Mecca encouraged The Gloved One on the benefits of song ownership(particularily other peoples songs). Only to give his friend the cold shoulder once he actually pulled it off(while McCartney refused to pitch on his part of the bid). Regardless, they've since let bygones be bygones(both Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney staunchly supported Michael Jackson during his hour of trial).

"The Man" and "Say Say Say" are from McCartney's solo album "Pipes of Peace". He also wrote a song for Michael's "Off The Wall" album "Girlfriend&…

Michael Jackson-She Got It

Not only do you get to have your cake. But you can eat it too! I've got the whole track of "She Got It"! Meant originally for the "Dangerous Sessions". But was snatched at the last minute because it just wasn't in sync with the album. In the Back, Shake That Body, and Fall Again had similar scenarios on their respective sessions.

I still have a feeling Dangerous originally was gonna continue where Bad left off. But Michael wanted an updated sound and hired New Jack Swing pioneer Teddy Riley to do the trick. Quincy on the other hand moved on to produce "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "Smart Guy", "Sister Sister", and eventually his last studio album "Q". It's too back because just imagine what a threesome would be like(Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson).

She Got It(Short Version)

She Got It(Long Version)

Michael Jackson Skin Disease

Today I want to show you a documentary on the truth behind why Michael Jackson has gone white. He couldn't have bleached his skin because eventually it would wear off. Worse, he would be a walking skeleton with muscles before he could sing "I'm Bad"! So what's behind all this getting lighter with each new album?

 He has Vitiligo. A disease which discolors blotches of your skin. Many folks either discolor the rest or wear make up to even out their complexion. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson had to do both. At the beginning, he wore make-up which gave him that famous dark mulatto cinnamon Thriller look. Without it, I doubt that Dance Pop horror flick would of had the success it enjoys now.

 As the much anticipated release of Bad hit the stores in 87, the condition only grew worse. This time medication was the only saving grace. Which worked to further even out his complexion. Sadly, this would mean he would appear light-skin mulatto for "Bad" and eventua…

Michael Jackson Fall Agian

Originally written by Walter Afanasieff and Robin Thicke. They submitted it to Michael Jackson to record in 1999 as an Invincible session outtake. But when it came time to make that final decision, "Heaven Can Wait" received the honors while "Fall Away" was given to Glen Lewis for a soundtrack to a then upcoming film "Maid In Manhattan". You can listen to it here Yet in 2004, the demo version make it on his "Ultimate Collection Box-Set". Which you can listen to below.

Fall again - Michael Jackson

Lyrics | Fall Again lyrics

Michael Jackson "Scared Of The Moon"

This is a beautiful song on simpler times when our hearts were unedited. Imaginations went wild And believing in fairy tales was just as real as our daily routines.

This was meant to grace Thriller. But unfortunately was cut out at the last minute. My how difficult it must be to choose which Michael Jackson tracks will land on the final selection(it must be agonizing).

This song(I believe) is about a little child who's afraid of the dark. As she grows older, that childhood fear just doesn't seem to subside. Of course her fears transition from monsters to buglers who muck the unsuspected among the dark alleys. I'm interested in hearing your take. What do you think Michael Jackson was trying to communicate?

Scared of the Moon - Michael Jackson

Alone she lays waiting
Surrounded by gloom
Invaded by shadows
Painting the room
The light from the window
Cuts trough the air
And pins the child lying there
Scared of the moon

She pulls up the covers
And shivers in fright
She hides from t…

Michael Jackson-Xscape

This outtake is from the Invincible recording sessions which(you guessed it) was cut at the last minute. It may have also been originally meant for the "History" Album. "Escape" is not so much about physical bars as it relates to how the media throws Michael Jackson into a prison of superficiality. All Michael wants to do is get away from it all and be himself!

 Around 2003, it was reported that someone(who shouldn't have been trusted) illegally leaked this outtake onto the world wide web. Mr. Jackson's layers quickly filed suit against this guy(mainly for personal reasons). But eventually, Michael allowed it to resurface on the internet along with a handful of others(most of which were meant to be included on his special edition albums which came out around the same time as "Invincible").

 In my opinion, I think "Escape"("Xscape") was supposed to be released on "History". Theme of protesting is intermingled throughou…

Update on Michael Jackson

Recently it has been revealed that Michael Jackson will not be performing on the Superbowl. Instead, "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" will have that honer. Which is fine since I like his style too. He was on an album called "The Traveling Wilburys" featuring former Beatle George Harrison(and his son), Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Jim Keltner around 1988-1990.

 Now don't worry, Jackson will have a spot for an advertisement. A SoBe Life commercial by Pepsi. A vitamin-enhanced flavored water beverage featuring the King of Pop. It will be a kick start to promote Thriller 25. Even better, He is expected to show-up next Sunday for the 2008 Grammys(Update: Due to bad health he was a no-show).

 His new album debut is still a mystery. Again, rumors abound "I have this dream" and "I'm Dreamin'" will be possible candidates. But at this point, no one really knows.

 So if you were really hoping for Jackson to perform, I just Hate …

Michael Jackson-Fly Away

Now this "Bad" track never make the final selection. Which is a shame since it would've made a spectacular resolution to the album.
About a decade later, Michael Jackson gave it to his oldest sister Rebbie for her 1997 album "Yours Faithfully".
You can almost make it out to be an updated "Four Tops" sound with the background chorus...

Lyrics | Fly Away lyrics

Now listen to Rebbie Jackson's version...

Michael Jackson-For All Time

To be released on "Thriller 25" as an outtake, "For All Time" had a potential spot on the original release of the best selling album of all time. However since "Human Nature" already reserved a spot, Michael and Q felt no need to add another like-minded song. And that's the history behind this underground tune. I hope you enjoy!
I must warn you girls, this may send a shiver down your spine!

Song lyrics | For All Time lyrics